Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Be who you are and be ready to change!

Yung Suk Kim

We have been long captives of the Western logic of binary oppositions. That is, if A is correct, B must be wrong. There are evil people out there, and there are good people over here. But in reality, we cannot draw a clear line between them. So to speak, good and evil reside in me too. Beyond this logic, we have to develop a thought of multiple coexistences among otherwise disparate things.

One example of the case is: "Be who you are (A) and be ready to change (B)." In a traditional Western thought, these two, A and B, seem incompatible with each other because A means to stay with one's being or to not change one's view and B means to change it. But if we understand them rightly, they are not necessarily conflicting with each other. These two can stand complementing each other. One's identity or confidence is important, and yet it needs to embrace various changes in his/her life.

In fact, everything changes. That is science and reality. The universe is expanding endlessly without limits. There is not something essential or permanent in us that does not change.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that we need a sense of uniqueness individually, embracing tensions and changes in our human life. Be who you are! "I am that I am." No one can speak for you. Yet, you are not permanent. Embrace changes necessary to your life. There are many changes that we have to study and make them part of our life. We don't know all of them. But remember that without a proper understanding of change or living through it, our living will continue to be baseless or futile.

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