Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Biblical Interpretation

From January 2013:

"Congratulations on this latest publication! Two books within a year! I am impressed with both your industry and your judicious scholarship. Both your book on Paul’s letters and this book on Biblical interpretation are books that our students need to read. In recent years we have seen disturbing developments: students who do not recognize the centrality of the authority of the scriptures, and scholars and students whose approach to interpretation is not grounded in sound methodology. Your work addresses both of these concerns and offers those of us in theological education and the church valuable resources to put into the hands of our students."
--From Jan 2013, Alan Culpepper, Dean of Mercer Divinity School

Saturday, October 27, 2018


History, Literature, and Theology

6.0" x 9.0" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
86 pages
ISBN-13: 9781729594636
ISBN-10: 1729594638

This book is a really short yet critical introduction to the New Testament.

This book is primarily for first-year seminary students who struggle to find much time to read and understand thick textbooks. Many adult students come to seminary to take classes in the night or on weekends after working full time. To them, a brief yet critical textbook is needed so that they may not lose interest in the study of the New Testament. This book serves that purpose. It can be used along with other “traditional textbooks.”

Three introductory chapters deal with preliminary questions regarding New Testament study, the New Testament world, and the synoptic problem. Then the books of the New Testament will be briefly analyzed with a focus on historical, literary aspects of the text. The historical context of each writing is taken seriously, and theological emphases of different writings will be pointed out. After a critical presentation of the material, there is a section of group discussion that will stimulate further study. For example, after a brief introduction to Mark, there is a group discussion. As Mark 10:45 will be read carefully, the engaging questions are as follows: “What are the significance of the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus? What brought him to death? Does his death have to do with the forgiveness of sins? Is Jesus’ death necessary in Mark?”

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Prolegomena to New Testament Study
  1. What is Bible?
  2. What is New Testament?
  3. Do We Have the Original Text of the New Testament?
  4. What is the New Testament About?
  5. What Kind of Writings are in the New Testament?
  6. What is the Gospel?
  7. Which Jesus Do We Study?
  8. How Can We Read the New Testament?
  9. What are Some Methods of Reading the New Testament?
  10. What is New Testament Theology?
  11. Was Jesus a Christian or God?
  12. Was Paul a Christian?
  13. Why was the New Testament Written in Greek?
  14. What Kind of World Was Behind the New Testament?
  15. What Happened to the Formation of New Testament Canon?