Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lumpkin's Jail

A painful, unforgettable part of history in Richmond involves a place called Lumpkin’s Jail, which served as a lucrative business for slaveholding and jailing during the 17-19th century America. Slave ships from Africa arrived at James River in Richmond. At nights, innocent Africans were forced to walk a few miles by the chain, through the riverside a.k.a the slave trail, only to reach a hell-like dungeon. A group of us from our school also visited a nearby burial ground for these African ancestors some of whom were hanged on a gallows. Virginia Union University began with this Jail to educate freed slaves after emancipation in 1865. Today our school faculty and staff as part of our one-day retreat had a bus tour of this Old Richmond area. We prayed together under the scorching killing sun and reflected on all we saw. It was a heavy day emotionally. One question in my mind remains the same throughout this trip and keeps bothering: What can we do about all this ugly past? 

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