Saturday, July 1, 2017

Breezes, Blackberries, and Grace

Yung Suk Kim

I walked trails at my favorite neighborhood park Deep Run. It was a day of the glowingly hot sun with over 90 degrees. I had much sweat and cooled down my body while sitting on a bench. Then suddenly a breeze, whose origin is unknown, blew to me and touched on my weary soul. I felt comfort. I was simply there, receiving the gift of the breezes. Indeed, most precious things are not purchasable. We call them the grace of God.

I also picked some blackberries beside a small pond. I don't know how they are there. I noticed them and picked some and ate them up. I swallowed the grace of God with these berries, which are ready to be taken and eaten. They are part of my body, my metabolism, and my thought. 

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