Saturday, June 3, 2017

Thinking about diversity education

Yung Suk Kim

On a scorching humid June day, I strolled and pondered on things like these following: What is diversity-driven education and how can we go about it? Where can we begin to do a theological interpretation of scriptures with a focus on holistic human transformation? How can we put in place inter-cultural curriculum? What does interculturality mean?

What does it mean to live in this world in relation to each other (i.e., the meaning of the Other --which resonates Emmanuel Levinas' "the face of the other," Paul Ricoeur's "inter-subjective narrative identity," or Jacques Derrida's "relationless relation")? How can we do theology in our thoughts and deeds, while moving pointedly away from individualism? and How can we read biblical stories with each other when we differ?

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