Saturday, February 25, 2017

Joseph's dream represents a dominant, triumphant, imperial perspective

When we go out to a park and take a picture, we often choose a tall beautiful thing such as a big tree with flowers or a big standing rock which shows splendid colors.  Usually, we divide the world and nature into two binary things: between the good and the bad, high and low, up and under. The small or least is ignored. Means for success is rationalized and the only ethics is that the powerful rule the weak and the weak serve the strong. 

        Joseph's dream and ordeal teach this kind of imperial culture. Namely, Joseph's dream is so naive and selfish. It represents a usual perspective of imperialism. His dream needs a new content. He has to be taught how to love and serve others, including his brothers and parents. He perseveres because of his self-centered dream to be a great person and makes a success in the end. He gains what he wants and rules others, as he wished. He becomes a model of success, but this model is ill-informed and ethically naive. Today I went out to a local park and took some pictures, based on the society's usual perspective. 

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