Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Come on from down and under"

Yung Suk Kim

Seeing the world and humanity from the perspective of marginality: from down and under

        The preacher this morning at our school chapel delivered a beautiful, powerful message that we have to stand strong. He emphasized that we have to rise up from down and under. When a person is overburdened by many difficult things, he/she may give up on faith. But the preacher says that God can refresh us if we turn to God. We may call upon God to renew us. The preacher shouted and hopped off the floor at one point like a young child to pour out his conviction that the children of God had to arise. He was almost an acrobatic at such a time. He performed his sermon and delivered it through his everything: voice, rhythm, body, and soul.

        After the chapel service, I went to a local park and walked a few miles of trails. It was a great time for me to refresh my body and soul. I saw the blooming trees and pastures wide open before my eyes. At the same time, I saw a grasslike ground filled with little wild flowers and plants. I took a closer look at those and took pictures. These could be ignored and trampled down by people. But when they are closed up, they are so tall and gloriously beautiful. See the pictures below and all these things from the ground. It is amazing that I saw great things from down and under.