Wednesday, November 18, 2015

student learning experience by posting board

During the last class of Introduction to Biblical Studies, I asked my students to reflect on their learning experience. I remember that at the first class they were very concerned about passing of this course. The task was to explore what changes were made during their course work and learning process. For the first five minutes they individually reflected on their learning experience from day 1 to this day of the last class. In doing so, I told them to come up with some nouns, verbs, and adjectives that describe their learning experience. After this, I asked them to have conversation with the other peer next to each other. Lastly, all of them were divided into several groups. At this time, I asked them to write words or draw somthing in order to describe their experience of this course on their posting boards. Each group did it differently. Thanks for all students who participated in this class. The following postings were made and reported in class. 

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