Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[new book] Reading Minjung Theology in the Twenty-First Century

Yung Suk Kim

I am glad to share with you that my edited book was published yesterday: Reading Minjung Theology in the Twenty-First Century (Pickwick Publications, 2013).

This edited volume brings Ahn Byung-Mu’s minjung theology into dialogue with twenty-first-century readers. Ahn Byung-Mu was one of the pioneers of Korean minjung theology. The centerpiece of his minjung theology is focused on the Greek word ochlos, understood as the divested, marginalized, powerless people.

Part 1 introduces readers to his life and theological legacy. Part 2 includes four important writings of Ahn Byung-Mu: “The Transmitters of the Jesus-Event Tradition”; “Jesus and Minjung in the Gospel of Mark,” “Minjung Theology from the Perspective of the Gospel of Mark,” and “Minjok, Minjung, and Church.” Part 3 contains a collection of articles from international scholars who evaluate and engage Ahn’s ochlos/minjung theology in their own fields and formulate critical readings of minjung theology. Responses include postcolonial, black-theology, and feminist perspectives.

Who are the ochlos today? What is the primary mission of the historical Jesus and its impact on our global lives today? What can the minjung do? What is the role of community and society? How can we engage in the postcolonial world through the eye ofochlos-minjung theology?

"A fascinating collection exploring the roots and current relevance of Korean "minjung theology" as expressed by one of its founders and most prolific exponents, Ahn Byung-Mu. The writers engage a wide range of social locations revealing both changed circumstances since Ahn's pioneering work and the ongoing importance of his work in our globalized, dominating empire. A great conversation to enter for both those already familiar with this indigenous Korean form of liberation theology and those looking to expand their listening to include voices often silenced." -- Wes Howard-Brook, Seattle University


저자 : 김영석 (편저)
편저자 김영석(YUNG SUK KIM)은 경북대학교 무역학과, 맥코믹 신학대학원을 거쳐, 밴더빌트 대학에서 신약학 박사학위를 받았다. 현재는 미국 버지니아 유니온 대학에서 초기 기독교와 신약성서신학 분야의 교수로 재직하고 있다. 영문 단행본 저서로 『고린도서에 나타난 그리스도의 몸CHRIST’S BODY IN CORINTH』(2008), 『바울서신에 관한 신학적 입문A THEOLOGICAL INTRODUCTION TO PAUL’S LETTERS』(2011) 등이 있고, 특히 최근에는 『성서해석: 이론, 과정, 규준BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION: THEORY, PROCESS, AND CRITERIA』(2013), 『성서에 관한 변혁적 독해A TRANSFORMATIVE READING OF THE BIBLE』(2013), 『진리, 증언, 변혁TRUTH, TESTIMONY, AND TRANSFORMATION』(2013)과 같이 건전한 성서해석학 이론과 인간변혁을 주제로 한 책들을 연이어 출간했다. 2011~2012년에는 릴리 재단으로부터 릴리 신학연구기금 지원(LILLY THEOLOGICAL SCHOLARS GRANT)를 받아 요한복음의 로고스 신학에 대한 연구를 진행했으며, 고린도전후서에 관한 책의 편집자로 참여한 바 있다. 현재 미국 성서학회(SBL)의 분과위원이자, 『성서와 인간 변혁JOURNAL OF BIBLE AND HUMAN TRANSFORMATION』의 편집위원으로 활동 중이다.