Saturday, January 19, 2013

The centrality of scriptures and the need of right interpretation

Christian scriptures are essential for Christians; no question about it. But the question is how we interpret them with right methods and engagement. So to speak, we need to move to "sound" theological interpretation of scriptures because there are still treasures and hurdles that we have to point out. The centrality of scriptures and the need of right interpretation should go hand in hand. We should recognize the need of reorienting biblical scholarship toward a sort of flesh-and-blood study and practice because we care about theological education in "healthy" way - ways that consider both past and present seriously, without ignoring the need of a critical study and the importance of faith matters. To echo a kind of my voice from others, I put here an excerpt from an email that I received from a well-respected, senior scholar in the biblical field and theological education:

"Congratulations on this latest publication!  Two books within a year!  I am impressed with both your industry and your judicious scholarship.  Both your book on Paul’s letters and this book on Biblical interpretation are books that our students need to read.  In recent years we have seen disturbing developments:  students who do not recognize the centrality of the authority of the scriptures, and scholars and students whose approach to interpretation is not grounded in sound methodology.  Your work addresses both of these concerns and offers those of us in theological education and the church valuable resources to put into the hands of our students." -- Alan Culpepper, Dean of Mercer Divinity School

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