Friday, August 3, 2012

book review of A Theological Introduction to Paul's Letters

The following review is taken the RBL (Review of Biblical Literature).
For a complete text of the review, go here:

Yung Suk Kim, A Theological Introduction to Paul's Letters: Exploring a Threefold Theology of Paul
(Eugene, Ore.: Cascade Books, 2011).

Kim’s unique perspective on the necessity of participation by the three aspects of God, Christ, and believer is a refreshing take on Pauline theology. His methodology is clear and well executed. He successfully illustrates the necessity of the believer’s participation in Pauline theology. His critique of the objective reading of the genitives is well defended.

For the Pauline scholar, Kim brings a fresh take not only to the study of Pauline theology but also to the theme of imitation in Paul. Many of his critical points recognize the theme of imitation throughout much of Paul’s writings. It is also necessary to note that for the theologian in general this book successfully adds Paul’s voice to the world of social justice. Kim’s views elaborate just how much Paul’s theology is truly a theology of social justice. Overall, his monograph is scholarly yet accessible; it could be well used in pastoral contexts.

Kim’s work deserves careful attention and will do much to add to the scholarly discussion of Pauline theology.

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