Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reconstructing Paul's theology

Why is it crucial to understand Paul's theology in terms of a God-centered ecclesiology? 
For Paul, the church is God's, never Christ's. In order to reconstruct Paul's theology, we must put him in both Jewish tradition and the Greco-Roman world. Paul's theology is thoroughly theocentric, and Jesus as the Jewish Messiah serves God. For more information or discussion, please visit my web page.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sharing an endorsement of my new book; I am humbled and honored

"Yung Suk Kim possesses one of the most original, refreshing, and urgent voices among the rising generation of New Testament theologians. Kim has a rare ability to synthesize various critical approaches in constructing Paul's theology: historical criticism, sociological analysis, and post-colonial interpretation interact productively. Kim's Theological Introduction to Paul's Letters invites readers to rethink crucial aspects of Paul's theology--'righteousness,' 'faith,' 'embodiment'--as avenues of subjective participation in the politics of love."

-Laurence L. Welborn
Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity
Fordham University