Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Power of Nature: Learning From Forest

I love to walk a nearby forest in the neighborhood. Usually, I take a paved trail when I walk and meditate. But at times I have a tendency to deviate from the main path and walk the small, often unprepared or untrodden, trails. From a paved route I see a good-looking forest -- the high trees and all visible beauty displayed above the ground. But if I take an intentional detour going further deep in the forest, I am just surprised at a new picture that I do not see everyday: the devastated fallen trees and other remnants of the dead plants. The truth is that trees or plants also die or fell. Some trees were uprooted; the visual image is like seeing the human corpses laid on the ground. Other trees were hung over against the other small tree branches. The forest exists by the law of nature. Storms, winds, rains, snows, and all kinds of natural forces affect the life of a forest. Some survive and others die.

Well, this phenomenon seems hopeless because some are out of the ground by the law of nature. A truth is that not all things in a forest can live without dying. In a way, nature repeats itself because of a harmonious coexistence that all are connected with each other, the living and the dead. The question is what we humans can learn from this law of nature. Can we learn something positive so that we can apply to the growth of our human coexistence in the world, or only a negative side of cruel competition (like Darwin's evolution theory in "the fittest survival")? What is a condition that we humans can coexist much like how nature operates with the law of nature? Can we learn from this law something positive in relation to human transformation? If we can gain a transformative insight from this, what would be? What kind of transformation and how can we achieve? If the reality of change is unavoidable in our world, what kind of change would be considered ideal? Questions about transformation abound!

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