Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wild flowers and cultivated flowers

Did I do wrong when I planted wild flowers in a little garden at our home? Walking on neighborhood streets, I found a bunch of beautiful wildflowers, all different by shape and color. I transferred some of them to our garden. First of all, I am not sure whether these flowers will survive in our garden, away from their original place. Second, I am not sure whether these flowers get along with other cultivated flowers. However, there is no question that these wild flowers are also flowers – beautiful and unique. I will keep vigilant eyes on this garden to see what happens next.

Actually, the above episode or reflection of mine has much to do with my theology or worldview. When I wrote Christ's Body in Corinth, one of the largest concerns was the issue of diversity. How do we live in this wild and cultivated world? How do we treat others? How do we examine ourselves in the presence of others? What is an ideal state that we seek to achieve when we live in one world?

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